Wednesday, 15 September 2021

4 Facts: Famous Maori


These facts are about Famous Maori People. Hope you Enjoy and learn some cool facts. ENJOY!

Monday, 13 September 2021

Response to Text: Pepeha

 Response to text:


 By Pa¯taka and Monique Moore

Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. A pepeha is… 

a) A way of saying hi! b) A way of introducing yourself

c) Where you come from d) the Te Reo word for pepper

2. For Maori, the waka in their pepeha tell us what?

a) What car they drive b) That they own a waka

c) How their tupuna arrived in Aotearoa d) None of the above

3. Explain why…  “A pepeha is a way of showing that you value the local environment”

When giving a Pepeha, we are explaining all the places that are sacred or have special meanings to us. The Mounga, the Awa, the Moana and so on.

4. True or False: Your hapu is your family (aunties, cousins, grandparents etc.)

a) True b) False

5. Which of the following is NOT something mentioned in a pepeha?

a) Iwi b) Kaumatua

c) Marae d) Tikanga

6. “In Māori culture, everyone helps out and shares work, food, and day-to-day tasks.”

Explain how this is similar, or different in your own culture. If you are Maori, explain what this looks like.

I am Tongan and Samoan and our cultures are pretty similar. We are taught from a young age to share the workload around the house, at church or just anywhere we go. Older girls usually help with making cups of tea for elders and the men usually prepare the umu. 

7. What do you think the contents of a pepeha tell us about Tangata Maori (Maori people) and their relationship with the environment?

I believe that it tells us where Maori people are from specifically and by using names of Iwi’s, Awa’s and Moungas etc this shows and establishes the personal relationship the person has with the environment. It lets us know that they care for the land and the communities that they come from.

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Thursday, 9 September 2021

Response to Text: Sports in Tonga

 Response to text:

Sports in Tonga

Information sourced from Topend Sports and Oceania Olympic Committee.

1. Who is the current captain for the ‘Ikale Tahi team?

a) Siale Piutau b) Jason Taumalolo

c) Konrad Hurrell d) Sio Siua Taukeiaho

2. What is the name of the dance that is performed before every Rugby game?

a) Haka b) Siva Tau

c) War Dance d) ‘Sipi tau

3. Explain why NRL (Rugby League) players with Tongan heritage are now choosing to play for Tonga instead of Australia, New Zealand or England.

Regardless of how much players are getting paid, the boys have made a decision based on their love for their country and take pride in being able to represent their small pacific nation. In effect, this has definitely made an impact in the Rugby League world by giving us Tier 2 nations a chance to compete against the bigger countries like NZ, Australia and England.

4. True or False: “The Mate Ma’a Tonga Rugby League Team is the fifth ranked team in the world.”

a) True b) False

5. What event did Tongan flag-bearer Pita Taufatofua compete in?

a) Sevens b) Taekwondo

c) Swimming d) 100m Sprints

6. What is the name of the only Tongan Sports Person that has won an Olympic Medal? 

paea wolfgram

7. If you had the opportunity to meet ANY Tongan Sports Player, who would it be and why?

Jason Taumalolo So he can teach me more about rugby.

5 Facts: Tongan Sports Academy


Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Response to Text: Tongan Food

 Response to Text:

Food in Tonga

Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in Lu?

a) Sipi (lamb) or Pulu (beef) b) Onions

c) Coconut shell d) Taro leaves

2. Which of the following dishes uses fresh fish?

a) Puaka Tunu b) ‘Otai

c) Lu Sipi d) ‘Ota Ika

3. Explain why someone has to stay by the Puaka Tunu and constantly rotate it over heat.

Someone has to stay there and watch the Puaka in case the puaka gets burnt.

4. True or False: “The fruit is grated into small pieces so that it is easier to drink.”

a) True b) False

5. Faikakai Topai is a Tongan dessert. What is it?

a) Brown sugar Donuts b) Coconut Dumplings

c) Deep-fried Donuts d) Sugar Soup

6. When making ‘Otai, explain why people in Tonga might use coconut milk instead of cow's milk. 

In Tonga, we literally live off the land and it is easier to come by coconut milk than cows milk. 

7. Write what Tongan dishes you would like to try and why.

I’d like to try some feke lolo’i  which is cooked octopus with coconut cream. I love coconut cream so next time my Nana makes feke, I might give it a try. 

5 Facts: Tongan Food: Lu Sipi